Being of Service

In addition to finding a spiritual way of life, recovery is about changing negative aspects of our personalities into positive ones.

We came into the program with big egos but little or no self-esteem. We thought we were better than other people yet, at the same time, felt "less than." We were people who took from others and abused friendships all of our lives. We had no concept of doing anything for anyone without the thought of some kind of reward. By the sheer grace of our Higher Powers, we have found several ways of unlearning such behavior in the program. One way is to be of service to the fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous. We discovered that the best way to serve God was to serve our fellow humans, and we found humility in the process. Our self-centered behavior was gradually replaced with the "attitude of service." We learned that service is about gratitude and learning how to contribute to our lives and the lives of others.

Why Be of Service?

Ways To Be of Service

Service Opportunities at the Meeting and Area Level
Meeting Setup - Arrive early to set up chairs, make coffee, and greet newcomers.

- Did you find CA through a hotline? Answer the phones for your area's hotline and be on the "frontline" of helping others find CA and recovery.

Treasurer - Pass the 7th Tradition basket and keep track of funds for a meeting - it's a great way to learn responsibility.

GSR/DSR (Group/District Service Representative)
- Get involved in the business aspects of CA by representing one of your meetings or districts at your District/Area business meeting.

Secretary - Ensure that a meeting will always be there for those who need it by choosing speakers, paying the rent, and keeping it running smoothly and consistently. You might even consider helping the fellowship grow by starting a new meeting.

Committees at the Area and/or World Service Level
Convention - Help plan big sober parties and carry the message of recovery at the same time.

- If you have writing skills or ideas that could reach out in print to people who are still suffering, express those ideas on this World Service committee.

- Put your accounting, business, or money management skills to good use in CA's financial matters.

Public Information
- Reach out through the media to those who have never heard of CA.

Hospitals & Institutions
- Help develop new ways to reach out to people who are unable to reach out for themselves.

- Enhance communication and outreach among the diverse elements within our fellowship.

Structure & Bylaws
- Formulate bylaws, guidelines, and structures by which CA can operate.

- Help organize the World Service Conference each year, where delegates from all over the world meet to conduct CA business.

Area & World Service Office Boards of Directors
- Serve as a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, or Director at Large. Conduct the day-to-day business operations of CA to ensure that it is there for newcomers the way it was there for you.

Ask your GSR who you can contact for more information about how to be of service.


Share a commitment,
such as a hotline slot, if your schedule doesn't allow you to have one of your own. Find a place where you can be of service and then give 100%.

Volunteer at a meeting
when help is asked for or better yet, before it is asked for.

Encourage the people you sponsor
to take on commitments and then help them to keep those commitments.

Ask your sponsor
what type of service commitment you could take on that would best serve the fellowship. Adopt the attitude of service without reward.

Remember...Time spent working on a commitment
is time not spent getting loaded.